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PhotoMashatu has resident wildlife photographers based at Main camp to help guests with their photography when they are at camp. They can hire out the use of the photographer to join them on game drives as well as for the photographic hides. Read more about who they are and how they can enrich your experience at PhotoMashatu.

janet kleyn

An outdoor and nature lover at heart, Janet qualified as a nature and trails guide.  She has spent many hours in the bush guiding guests on walking trails in the Kruger National Park. She has a passion for travelling and seeks out untouched and wild destinations.


In taking a photograph, Janet looks for more than just capturing an image, she strives to capture a moment in time.  Everyone sees things differently and Janet strives to reflect her vision of the wilderness and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it. She and Aubrey are now C4's in house photographers/hide managers at our Photo Hides in Mashatu, Botswana.

aubrey tseleng

Aubrey Tseleng was born in Maunatlala, Botswana. He qualified as a teacher of Art in 1999 and at his first school discovered a storeroom full of photography equipment and chemicals. He turned his bathroom into a darkroom and began developing his film and prints. In a short time he got a scholarship to study at the University of Cape Town towards a BA Fine Arts and unsurprisingly majored in Photography. His work got recognition through several awards including The Katrine Harries Purchase Award and the Tierney Fellowship.


He returned to teaching and did event photography on the side, however his passion for teaching, nature and photography could only combine well as a nature photography guide. He persevered and showed up at Photo Mashatu to shadow Kyle and Ruth in 2015. From then he knew he wanted to take up nature photography as a career. He prepared and moved to work in Shakawe a whooping 1000km away from family where he continued to teach art and take up Nature Guide Training part time. In 2017 he resigned from teaching and began a career as a nature photo guide and nature photographer.

He draws inspiration from nature to highlight its brilliance through photographs that seek to connect the viewers back to nature. His experience as a teacher makes him accessible to photographers of all levels and non photographers as well. 

AF6Q2473KaraboMoilwa _Hippo1_edited.jpg

Karabo lebronpeter moilwa

Karabo LeBronpeter Moilwa is a nature photographer who provokes a sense of admiration for the environment through images which carry the majesty of creation. He currently is a full time resident professional photographer for PhotoMashatu in Botswana.

Driven by an unfathomable love for nature, he has learnt the photographic technique by working persistently in the field and participating in specific competitions and workshops with professional photographers, thus building up an experience of more than 14 years.


An innate storyteller, he fell in love with the camera in 2006 via a history club at senior school. Touring the historical sites of Botswana, he began to admire the vast and rich places in Botswana and over the years Karabo has photographically gained experience in Sua Pan and on the wildlife haven of the Chobe River.

Karabo is aslo a co founder of Chobe Collective , who’s mandate is to mentor upcoming local photographers, enthusiasts and the youth:  to enhance their photography skills and eventually make a living off photography. 


He is also a Co-founder of BW’s finest, which is a collective of Botswana´s best Wildlife Photographers who have come together with a simple goal of selling Botswana Tourism to the world.

His love and drive to capturing fine Nature shots is inspired by the Tag Line;
Explore – Create – Inspire

One must Explore the vast and Majestic Nature we have, then create images that are out of this world, finally inspire people to love and cherish mother Nature! 

You can follow more of his work on Facebook and Instagram.

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